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Let's Talk Music Series

On April 7, 2015, I presented a lecture for the Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s Let’s Talk Music Series at the Washington County Free Public Library in Maryland. In this lecture titled “Great Guitar Concerti and the Players Who Bring Them to Life,” I discussed various aspects of guitar concerti including composer/performer collaboration, sound reinforcement, repertoire and preparation from the performer’s point of view. We collectively enjoyed listening to excerpts of performances by Regina Sainz de la Maza and Paco de Lucia, and I performed passages from Vivaldi’s Concert in D to demonstrate ornamentation. The lecture coordinated with the premiere of a new guitar concerto by Chris Brubeck. Rehearsals for the concert were underway as I presented my lecture and the work was performed by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestra Elizabeth Schulze with special guest artist, Sharon Isbin–the guitarist for whom this work was specifically written.

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