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"Je Te Veux" Social Media Playalong

Throughout April and May 2020, I presented a social media activity in which artists of various mediums were invited to create their own part to add to my arrangement of an excerpt from "Je te veux," a song by French composer Erik Satie. The music is light and cheerful, and was chosen for that reason as well as a personal affection for Satie's music. The excerpt was kept short to encourage participation. The artists made videos of themselves in split screen performing with me. The response was wonderful and videos were created by dancers, poets and musicians in the US and abroad. Someone stated, "Wow, you have a lot of interesting and talented friends!" For this, I am so very grateful. Thank you again to everyone who participated.

To view the virtual collaborations, visit the links at the bottom of this post.

If you'd like to participate, a piano/vocal score as well as my video and audio tracks can be accessed on Dropbox. Use iMovie, Acapella or other software to perform the A section along with me, post and tag. Best wishes!

Okay Ozdag - Guitar - Turkey

Kitty Clark - Dance - USA

Caroline Jahns - Voice - Germany

William Beauvais - Guitar - Canada

Nora Suggs - Flute - USA

Bob Sykes - Piano - USA

Marjory Serrano - Violin - Venezuela/USA

Rob Murray - Poet - USA

Katie Woolsey - Oboe - USA

Lise Blumenthal - Guitar - USA

Glen Brown - Guitar - USA

Osvaldo Gold - Guitar - Uruguay/USA

Eleanor Kelly - Guitar - UK

Cam Miller - String Quartet Arrangement - Canada/USA

Suzanne Gekker- Clarinet - USA

Michael DeLalla - Guitar - USA

Jennifer Rundlett - Images - USA

Marcelo Berestovoy - Mandola - Argentina/USA

Danny Webber - Guitar - USA

Ricardo Marlow - Voice - USA

Cyndy Rice Elliot - Bass - USA

Christopher James Baker - Voice - UK

Anita Thomas and Cyndy Rice Elliot - Soprano Saxophone and Bass - Australia/USA

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