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Spotlights on Guitar History

I have started creating a series of educational videos for Marlow Guitar International. The series, Spotlights on Guitar History, shares the stories of composers, players and key events throughout the history of the classical guitar. I am researching, writing, narrating and producing the series. The first episode discusses the career and music of Francisco Tarrega as well as luthier Antonio Torres. It includes commentary from luthier Luis Fernandez de Cordoba and musical clips from Maria Luisa Anido, John Feeley, Adam Kossler, Philip Hemmo, John Arnold and myself.

The second episode was posted in December of 2020 and spotlights the careers of Mauro Giuliani and his daughter, Emilia. It includes commentary from guitarist Emma Rush who recently recorded two of Emilia Giuliani's works on her CD, Wake the Sigh. Emma Rush, Joao Figuieroa, Douglas James, Connie Sheu, Kevin Vigil (Duo Con Brio) and Phil Goldenberg graciously permitted clips of their recordings to be included in the video. I also contributed a recording of a serenade for violin, cello and guitar which I performed with Satori Chamber Ensemble.

Thanks to everyone who gave permission to use their recordings and images for the series.

My mission in creating the series is to share some of the great history of the instrument as well as direct viewers to resources to assist in their own paths of discovery. I have diligently attempted to cite all resources that were consulted outside of common knowledge, and a list of resources and credits is included at the end of each video.

If you enjoy the videos or perhaps share them with students, please consider sending a note that I can pass on to the Marlow organization.

Link to Spotlights on Guitar History Playlist


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