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Garden Waltz (scroll for ordering info)


Featured in Antietam Cable's documentary "A Soldier's View"

Garden Waltz is comprised of charming American and European miniatures from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Gathered from the online archives of the United States Library of Congress and journals, this lighthearted treasury of salon music showcases the era's penchants for waltzes and includes a selection of arrangements, character pieces and etudes. It offers a delightful cross section of music that may have been played by skilled, amateur musicians as entertainment during the late 19th century. The album was a home recording project initiated by a request for music to be used for the Antietam Cable documentary, A Soldier's View. Although not a studio quality recording, it is special for the pleasant collection of works.

Available as a physical PRO CD-R disk or MP3 digital download. Pro CD-R disks may not play in some older CD players.

Track Listing and Composers:

1. Garden Waltz by C.J. Dorn 
2. Airs on Themes from Figaro by C.J. Dorn 
3. Last Rose of Summer arr. by C.J. Dorn 
4. Fairy Waltz, no. 1 by K. Rotschka 
5. Matraca by Johann Kaspar Mertz 
6. Cupid's Dream Waltz by Charlie Converse 
7. Love's Dream After the Ball by Alphons Czibulka, arr. by Walter Jacobs 
8. Eventide by Madame Sidney Pratten 
9. Beautiful Moonlight (Main Theme) arr. by Will Foden/Mowbray* 
10. Waltz Facile by C.J. Dorn 
11. Charming Waltzes, nos. 1 and 2 arr. by W.L. Hayden 
12. Etude, no. 3 by Matteo Carcassi 
13. Etude, no. 10 by Matteo Carcassi 
14. Lizzie Waltz by George Keyes 
15. La Prima Donna Waltz by Louis Jullien, arr. by Justin Holland 
16. Waltz, op. 51, no. 8 by Napoleon Coste 
17. Slumber Song by C.J. Dorn 
18. Prayer by C.J. Dorn 
19. Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega 
20. Mazurka by Francisco Tarrega 
21. Adelita by Francisco Tarrega 
22. Four Styrian Waltzes by P.F. Fierlien 
23. Zoemoo Waltz by F.T. Strawinski** 
24. Virginia Waltz by Felix Shelling 
25. Susanna from Grand Fantasie of American Songs arr. by William Foden 


*For 3 guitars adapted from Foden's arr. for 2 guitars 
**Duet featuring guitarist Danny Webber


Artwork by Lee McIntyre
Mastering assistance from Keith Sylvester

Ordering CDs:


To order physical CDs, please send an email to cmowbraymusic (at) outlook (dot) com. Be sure to include quantity and titles as well as your shipping information. Submit payment at Paypal or through Venmo. Please allow 2-3 days for processing. 


Reverie $15

Garden Waltz $10

Solo Guitar $10

Fairfield Duo $10

Please add $4 shipping per US address. If ordering more than 2 disks, please inquire for shipping costs.

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