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Candice Mowbray is the first guest for the newly-launched podcast, Guitaromanie, hosted by Karl Wohlwend. Listen at or popular podcast apps.


"The Guitaromanie Podcast, hosted by Karl Wohlwend of Columbus Classical Guitar, features fascinating guests from all facets of the wide world of classical guitar, in casual conversations about their experiences and observations. Unusual experiences, careers, the new, the old…let’s explore!"


Essays Published in Guitar Foundation of America's Soundboard

Several essays by Dr. Candice Mowbray are being published in Soundboard, the journal of the Guitar Foundation of America, during 2021. Spread out over two issues of the magazine, the essays tell the biographies and accomplishments of seven women in the history of the classical guitar. This is the third time Dr. Mowbray has had her writings published for the GFA's periodicals.

Mowbray to be Co-Facilitator of MSAC Affinity Group

The Maryland State Arts Council will bring together state and community leaders to connect and discuss during the Maryland Arts Summit: Art of the Community event, held June 3-4. Along with Kayla Morgan (Events and Communications Coordinator, Maryland State Department of Education) and Laura Weiss (Program Director - Arts Services, Maryland State Arts Council), Mowbray will co-facilitate Affinity discussion groups on both days of the conference. Visit

Recordings Featured on "A Classic Monday," KGNU

Tracks from Candice Mowbray's CD, Reverie, were featured on radio station KGNU's show "A Classic Monday," hosted by DJ EC. The show celebrated the birthday of legendary guitarist, Ida Presti. The show archive is available at this link.

New Project!

Candice Mowbray, Danny Webber (guitar) and Anita Thomas (woodwinds) are collaborating on a new musical project called Marceaux. With new arrangements and original compositions, the ensemble will perform music that bridges genre and is heartfelt and emotive. Check for concert dates and recordings at

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