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Three Homages, composed by Candice Mowbray, have been published by Guitar Chamber Music Press. The pieces are musical tributes to three of the great guitarists of the twentieth century: Ida Presti from France (1924-1967), Maria Luisa Anido from Argentina (1907-1996) and Luise Walker from Austria (1910-1998). Presti, Anido and Walker were brilliant guitarists with incredible careers who gave concerts throughout the world, made recordings, composed, and earned the utmost respect and admiration from critics, colleagues, students and audiences. 


"Inspiration for Three Homages came from my many years of engagement with their work. The titles of the individual pieces are based on nicknames for each player that have been referenced in literature and the pieces are imbued with ideas inspired by their recordings, repertoire, compositions and musical styles. I aimed to write lyrical pieces that would be fun to play and satisfy the requirements for the three technical divisions of the Marlow Guitar International 2023 Myrna Sislen Youth Guitar Competition for which they were commissioned while also sharing something about these great guitarists: I hoped to pique curiosity in new listeners and connect to memories and affections in longtime fans. I wish guitarists of all skill levels will enjoy performing the pieces and explore the biographies and music of these remarkable guitarists."

Although written as set pieces for a youth competition, professional concert players have regarded the works for their lyricism, character and playability, and added them to their repertoire. The works are available for preview and purchase at


Legado Wins 2 Latin GRAMMY Awards

Legado, the latest solo album from world-renowned guitarist Berta Rojas, has won two Latin Grammy Awards: Best Classical Album and Best Classical Contemporary Composition for the work entitled “Anido’s Portrait” written for the album by Sergio Assad. Candice Mowbray contributed years of research about women in the history of the guitar and wrote the extensive liner notes for this wonderful project which celebrates the legacies of Ida Presti and Maria Luisa Anido with works written by and for the two legendary guitarists. The album is available to stream on major services and the CD Booklet can be downloaded here.

"With my new album, Legado, it was Candice Mowbray who played an integral role in putting this project together. She presented me with very interesting research which I had commissioned from her about four years ago...and you know another amazing coincidence, she defended her Doctoral thesis on Ida Presti November 17, 10 years ago, and November 17, 2022 was the day of the Latin Grammy Awards. Candice felt this music so profoundly. I told her 'Candice, this is the moment. This is the moment that I can embrace this project. Let's savor it. Let's do it at my own pace. I won't rush. I won't force myself to do anything I don't feel immensely in my heart.' So, she presented me with all the music, her research, and I started to savor it. I took my time reading through it until I found the music that I could honor and play for years to come. It is amazing when you feel that, when you find repertoire that you can bring your entire self into." –Berta Rojas, interviewed by Brad Conroy

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