"In the moment, beautiful"–Kate Coleman, Herald Mail
“A beautiful player, so expressive and musical”–John Feeley, guitarist
“A great musician, beautiful tone, a joy to work with”—Marcelo Berestovoy, guitarist

"Candice is one of the most beautiful players I know–her exquisite tone makes me reach higher."–Michael DeLalla, guitarist & producer Falling Mountain Music

"Your playing is really beautiful with that sort of fluidity that makes what you play seem easy."–Columbia Heights House Concerts

"Thanks to you for a wonderful concert and a new listening experience. There were many comments on the beauty and peacefulness that the music provided for the audience. Several people commented on how [enjoyable] it was to watch your fingers which added another level of beauty."–Cora Gamelin-Osenbach, Director of Music, Trinity Episcopal

"Candice Mowbray plays in a sensitive cantabile style and she presented a thoughtfully crafted program of mostly late 20th century and contemporary lyrical guitar pieces offset by a legendary composition by Fernando Sor...It was an enriching, moving and enchanting experience"–Marlow Serenades Concert patron

Reviews of Reverie 


"What a revelation this album is! It's definitely one of my favorites of the year" –Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine

"It is so beautiful! Your selection of pieces is refreshing and tasteful, you want to hear it over and over...a beautiful CD!"–Berta Rojas, guitarist

"What a pleasure to discover this morning this new album from Maryland: Rêverie by guitarist Candice Mowbray including some of my pièces, "Vals for Atom," "Chanson Trilce," (Productions et d'oz) and "Les Échelles du Levant" (Henry Lemoine)...congratulations Candice, with my [warmest] recommendations."–Laurent Boutros, composer and guitarist


"I just listened to [Rêverie]! To say that it is good is an understatement...This is a labor of love that spares no effort and delivers a wonderful variety of repertoire at the highest level. One of the best things is just wondering what will happen next. Emotion, precision, nuance, passion, it's all there in spades. Bravo!"–Tobias Hurwitz, guitarist

"I just have to tell you what a joy it is to listen to your latest CD, Reverie. The quality of the production is outstanding and it truly captures not only your brilliant technique, but the innuendoes and subtleties of interpretation that make your live performances so outstanding. What a gift you have - and how lucky are we with whom you have chosen to share that gift."–Harry Grandinett, novelist

"There is a free and easy quality to [Rêverie] that is very expressive and well suits the music." –Mike Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio

"Wonderful playing!" –Rick Whitehead, jazz guitarist

On Lectures and Workshops 


"Thank you for a marvelous presentation last evening. You gave a talk that illuminated the genre."

–Michael Jonnes, Executive Director, Maryland Symphony Orchestra


“Enthusiastic and insightful”

–Julia Crowe, Classical Guitar Magazine


"Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our festival. Your presentation was fantastic and one of my students...said that he wants to play some of the music that you shared with us... mission accomplished! Your passion is contagious!” 

–Dr. Kevin Vigil, Loudoun County Public Schools

“Guitarist Candice Mowbray not only contributed a fantastic solo performance, but also gave an insightful lecture”

–Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

From Students

"I feel blessed because after all the years I wanted to try to play guitar, you came along! ...Having a great instructor like you [has] given me the motivation to play." 

"Your style of teaching is outstanding and we have learned so much in such a short time frame."

"The education I received in one semester of Dr. Mowbray's class will have a lifetime of impact. What was taught was so much more than a curriculum, it was the beginning of a genuine love of art, and for that I will always be grateful. Bravo." 

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