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For Students

Welcome! This page has been created to share resources, community events, videos and other information with anyone who may be interested in learning more about classical guitar. The content varies from information for beginning students to very advanced players. The page was created with my college and adult students in mind, so please monitor young students with content and links. I hope you find the page useful. –Dr. Mowbray

Featured Performance Video


Virtual Guitar Orchestra Performs The Ukrainian National Anthem

The Aaron Shearer Foundation (ASF) is an organization established to perpetuate and enhance Shearer’s legacy of classical guitar pedagogy. They have organized several virtual guitar orchestra projects, the most recent being a recording of the Ukrainian National Anthem. 

The Shepherd University Guitar Ensemble held a fundraiser for Ukraine on April 24th and a link to a list of charities is available through the school's website where you can also hear Dr. Robert Tudor, Dean of Shepherd’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, professor of music, and director of vocal activities, singing the Ukrainian national anthem

Featured Score


Maria Dolores Knoop (Madame De Goni) was a guitarist who was born in Spain and gave her Parisian debut in 1837. She moved to the US and was established here as a concert artist. The Martin Guitar Company created a model guitar for her called the "Martin de Goni" and it was the first documented guitar to use X-bracing. You can read more about her in Martin: The Journal of Acoustic Guitars and three of her works are available through,_Mar%C3%ADa_Dolores




Daily Scale Videos

You can practice your major scales along with me in these videos made for my beginning students learning notes in first position and key signatures. Goals include mastery of note knowledge, consistent use of first position fretting-hand fingerings, right hand alternation, and tone. The tempo is 80 bpm. 

Major Scale Exercise Video C G D A

Major Scale Exercise Video E B F# C#

Major Scale Exercise Video F Bb Eb Ab

Major Scale Exercise Video Db Gb Cb

Basic Chord Switching Exercises for Group Beginner's Guitar Classes

Students who are learning to switch between basic chords while strumming can use these videos for daily practice.

Open Position Chords in Pairs

G Em C D7

Tech Resources

Beginning General Guitar Method Book (free download):

Lou Warde Method Book for Beginning Guitar

Graded Classical Guitar Repertoire Series (for purchase):

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Full Set

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Individual Books

Community Events

Myrna Sislen MGI Youth Guitar Competition

*The sheet music for the set pieces is available to everyone for free download from the website

John E. Marlow Guitar Series Concerts - Silver Spring, Maryland and Online

Southern Guitar Festival and Competition - North Carolina

Baltimore Classical Guitar Society - Concerts and masterclasses

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society - Concerts and festival

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