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Welcome! This page has been created to share resources, community events, videos and other information with my students or anyone who may be interested in learning more about the guitar. The content varies from information for beginning students to very advanced. The page was created with my college and adult students in mind, so please monitor young students with Youtube links and content. I hope you find the page useful. –Dr. Mowbray

Featured Video

North Meets South Duo

Toronto-born guitarist Danielle Cumming and American tenor John Wesley Wright, from Rome, Georgia, are colleagues at Salisbury University. The duo has performed together for over ten years and, while their repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to modern popular music, it is African American spirituals that hold a central place in their performances and educational outreach programs. In this video, you can listen to them perform, learn more about their music, and gain insights into historical sites and events in Salisbury, Maryland. The insights will include very serious discussion of racial events in Salisbury.


The North Meets South Duo will perform for the John E. Marlow Guitar Series on February 27.  

Community Events Calendar


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John Pizzarelli Live Streaming on Thursdays

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society

Mak Grgic

February 7, 2021

Early Music Columbus

Karl Wohlwend GuitaRevolution 1640

Presentation about Bolognese guitarist Angiol Michele Bartolotti and contemporaries

February 19-22, 2021

John E. Marlow Guitar Series

John Wesley Wright and Danielle Cumming

(Voice and Guitar)

February 27, 2021

Ronn McFarlane

"History and Literature of the Lute from Medieval Times through the Baroque"

February 28, 2021



Daily Scale Videos

You can warm up and practice your major scales along with me in these private videos made just for my students. The tempo is 80 bpm. 

Major Scale Exercise Video C G D A

Major Scale Exercise Video E B F# C#

Major Scale Exercise Video F Bb Eb Ab

Major Scale Exercise Video Db Gb Cb

Basic Chord Switching Exercises for Group Beginner's Guitar Classes

Students who are learning beginning chords can use these videos for daily practice.

Open Position Chords in Pairs

G Em C D7

Technique Video Playlists - Coming soon


Rest Stroke

String Crossing

Seating Position

Tech Resources

Beginning General Guitar Method Book (free download):

Lou Warde Method Book for Beginning Guitar

Graded Classical Guitar Repertoire Series (for purchase):

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Full Set

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Individual Books

Featured Score

Under Quarantine by Kareem McCullough

The set pieces for the Marlow Guitar International Youth Competition were composed by Kareem McCullough and are available online for free download under the tabs described as "set pieces." Titled Under Quarantine, there are three works for differing skill levels: "Isolation," "Boredom" and "Music for Tomorrow."

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