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Welcome! This page has been created to share resources, community events, videos and other information with my students or anyone who may be interested in learning more about the guitar. The content varies from information for beginning students to very advanced players. The page was created with my college and adult students in mind, so please monitor young students with content and links. I hope you find the page useful.

–Dr. Mowbray

Featured Performance Video


Maximo Diego Pujol Performs "Verde Alma"

Maximo Diego Pujol is a concert artist as well as a composer. His works are much celebrated in the classical community for their beauty, evocation, energy and excitement. In addition to solo works, he has written many pieces for guitar in ensemble with other instruments.


"Pujol’s music is inspired by, and draws on, the rich musical heritage of his native Argentina.  Specifically, he has striven for an ever-closer fusion of traditional Argentine tango and formal academic concepts.  Akin to the compositions of Heitor Villa-Lobos and Leo Brouwer, he combines a deep nationalistic expression in his music with the unique technical capabilities that the guitar has to offer." (

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Community Events Calendar

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John Pizzarelli Live Streaming on Thursdays

New York Guitar Festival: Honoring Julian Bream

July 14-20 - Online

Mount Royal University GuitarFest West

August 2-7

Maria Luisa Anido Guitar Festival - Moron, Argentina

September 11-17

Classical Minds Guitar Festival

September 25th, 2021 - Online

Southern Guitar Festival & Competition

September 25-26

Featured Score

Vahdah Olcott-Bickford was a key figure in the Banjo Mandolin Guitar (BMG) movement in the United States. From her work as a performer, teacher, music journalist and guitar promoter, she amassed an enormous collection of guitar-related materials including over 7,000 scores. The Olcott-Bickford Collection is housed at the University of California Northridge and some materials have been digitized and shared through the International Guitar Research Archives. There are 42 entries in the online archives as of June 1, 2021 which have Olcott-Bickford listed as the composer. 

You can access those scores at:

Featured Technique Resource

"Warm Up Exercises to Avoid Injury" by Rosie Bennet

This blog post by Rosie Bennet offers some exercises approved by the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine that can be used to warm up the body before practice. As with any form of exercise, make sure to consult with your physician first. She notes, "Repeat the following exercises each 5 times through. STOP if you feel any pain. If you are hyper-mobile, seek advice from a specialist before engaging in any muscle strengthening program."

Additional Resources 


Daily Scale Videos

You can warm up and practice your major scales along with me in these videos made for my beginning students who were learning notes in first position and key signatures. Their goals included accuracy, mastery of note knowledge and fingerings, right hand alternation and tone. The tempo is 80 bpm. 

Major Scale Exercise Video C G D A

Major Scale Exercise Video E B F# C#

Major Scale Exercise Video F Bb Eb Ab

Major Scale Exercise Video Db Gb Cb

Basic Chord Switching Exercises for Group Beginner's Guitar Classes

Students who are learning to switch between basic chords while strumming can use these videos for daily practice.

Open Position Chords in Pairs

G Em C D7

Tech Resources

Beginning General Guitar Method Book (free download):

Lou Warde Method Book for Beginning Guitar

Graded Classical Guitar Repertoire Series (for purchase):

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Full Set

Royal Conservatory (previously "Bridges") - Individual Books

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