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Lecture: The Art of the Classical Guitar

In a lecture titled "The Art of Classical Guitar," I will offer an appreciative glance at the history of the classical guitar with stories of its great players, composers and music. Discussion, live demonstration, and historic and modern recordings combine in a presentation that is sure to engage new listeners as well as current fans of the genre. You can hear the first presentation of the lecture at the Germantown location of Montgomery County Libraries in Maryland on Saturday September 28 at 1pm, sponsored by Marlow Guitar International, presenters of the John E. Marlow Guitar Concert Series now in its 26th season.


Monday December 16, 2019, 6-7pm

Washington County Free Library, Hagerstown, MD

Sponsored by the Washington County Free Library and Marlow Guitar International


Art of Classical Guitar Playlist

If you attended a presentation of the lecture, "The Art of Classical Guitar," you can access the mentioned playlist through this link:

Thank you for attending. If you'd like to ask a follow-up question, inquire about lessons or send a comment, please send your message to Candice using the contact page of this website.

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