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New Project by Richard Zarou - Updated 12/2019

I recorded guitar tracks for an upcoming album for compositions by Dr. Richard Zarou. A House of Shining Words differs from his previous albums through its focus on choral writing rather than electro-acoustic techniques. The text for the tracks combines saint writings from Julian of Norwich and Sir Thomas Moore with the poetry of Sara Teasdale. Various combinations of flute and guitar will be used to accompany the voice parts. I am really looking forward to hearing the final project. To preview and preorder the album, visit

Update 12/2019:

New Recording: A House of Shining Words by Richard Zarou

Composer Richard Zarou has just released his newest CD, A House of Shining Words, which features Candice Mowbray (guitar), Devree Lewis (cello), Yana Nikol (flute) and Sarah Horick (voice) performing works themed around the hours of the day. The album is available for preview and purchase at:

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