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Thanks to "Classical Classroom" on Houston Public Media

During March 2015, Houston Public Media’s podcast, “Classical Classroom,” celebrated women in the classical guitar. I would like to extend thanks to Dacia Clay, host of “Classical Classroom” for referencing me on the blog’s website. Thanks are also extended to guitarist Valerie Hartzell for mentioning my writings about Ida Presti and other women guitarists. From the website: "Want to learn more about women in classical guitar? Check out this information from guitarist and scholar, Candice Mowbray: Dr. Mowbray wrote her doctoral dissertation about Ida Presti; she's also been writing short essays about the women of classical guitar on her Facebook page during Women's History Month. You can see another article she wrote about Presti here. In her own words, "I started my research about female guitarists in 2006 when I was asked to give a lecture at the Bethlehem Guitar Festival. The theme of the that year’s event was “Women in Guitar” and my lecture discussed women as performers, composers and philanthropists. Through the process, I discovered wonderful players and music that was new to me. I have enjoyed continuing to share the information." Thanks to Dr. Mowbray for providing us with this great info!”

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