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Guitar in the Early Twentieth Century

Guitar in the Early Twentieth Century Art and music from the early twentieth century, especially the artistic circles of Paris between 1900 and the second world war, are special points of interest for me. I have had opportunities to give a variety of lectures related to the era as well as perform and record music that was written during this time period. When I wrote my doctoral thesis about Ida Presti, who was born in a suburb of Paris about one month after Andres Segovia’s 1924 Paris debut, I included a chapter about the guitar in the early twentieth century in an effort to place her career into historical context. The chapter surveys factors that led to this golden age of the classical guitar and discusses contributions of key figures including Segovia, Emilio Pujol and Miguel Llobet. A PDF of that chapter has been provided here. Chapter 3 Guitar in the Early Twentieth Century: A French-Spanish Connection

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